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In the world of today, Smartphones and Mobile devices are the dominant computing platform for humanity and supplant the PCs and laptops.

Geofencing is the creation of a virtual perimeter over a real-world geographic area. With smartphones’ new capabilities and the use of Geofencing, events can be triggered when a device enters, leaves or gets close to a Geo-fence.

Geofencing allows the bank to engage the client and provide him with relevant offers, conveniently located nearby, which in-turn may be converted to an impulse purchase. One of the many benefits is outrunning the competition, as well as creating a sense of exclusivity and urgency in the client. This leads to higher conversion rates and better ROI compared to mass SMS or mass E-Mail campaigns.

Geofencing is now a feature of Netiks’ eMobile (Banking app) providing the possibility to send preprogrammed messages based on the client profile and location. Whenever clients are close to a branch, they will get a marketing message. For example, the message can notify them that they can double their loyalty points with a partner nearby.

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