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Welcome to Netiks! A contraction of two strong & significant words (“Net” and “Ethics”) our company stands for the perfect mix between our technologically advanced tools (aimed at optimizing our clients’ performance) and our philosophy of openness, candor, dedication, but most importantly efficiency.

At Netiks we develop & deploy rapid, open, scalable, result oriented and cost-effective technology solutions that will help our customers leverage their companies on a corporate and infrastructure level. We strive to meet & exceed our customer's needs & expectations with advanced & superior measurable results.

Our History
Established in 2000, Netiks ranks today amidst the top notch e-business solution providers present in the Lebanese market. The firm started in Beirut, when its original founder decided to share with Lebanon and the Arab world his software expertise and know-how acquired with European software houses.As the millennium kicked in, the need for e-business solutions drastically rose making it almost impossible for companies to sustain profitability without integrating e-business applications.

Sensing the unbelievable potential of the Lebanese market, Netiks’ founder was keen on establishing a professional firm, one that betted on its human capital and technological tools, to offer a wide range of e-business services and products.

The secure, reliable and robust solutions that Netiks offered to its clientele have won the corporate a big number of renowned clients. Netiks has excelled in the consultancy, development, and follow up of Internet Financial Applications.
Among Netiks Financial Applications, Netiks Internet Banking, today a “star product”, is installed in several banks in town and in the Middle East.

In addition Netiks offers Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Middleware Integration, Process Automation, Business Intelligence (BI), Internet / Extranet solutions and e-business integration.

Netiks’ deep understanding of the market and accumulated experience have lead to an offshore development. The company’s success is built on experienced and technically sound e-business solutions resulting in outsourcing opportunities with many European and Middle-Eastern countries.

Netiks understands the rapid changing behaviors and patterns of global business models in addition to the increasing requirements for sophisticated technology solutions, constantly adapting to markets’ needs.

Our Vision
A global e-business provider of scale from Lebanon

Our mission
" To significantly improve the performance of our customers by excelling in building their advanced e-business applications."

Our values
All Winning organizations possess values they strongly believe in and consequently abide by. These values determine the desirable behavior as they support the organization’s central goals, paving the way to a bigger success and constantly pushing us forward.

Committed to Excellence

Client Focused and Quality Oriented Products

The customer remains the focal point of our performance, as we keep our clientele at the heart of everything we undertake.
Netiks has established, documented, implemented and maintains a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001-2000.
We make sure that the policy is understood, implemented and maintained throughout the company so that we create a “Quality Oriented Mentality” within our employees. This framework will lead to the delivery of products and services that meet and anticipate customers’ needs, hence improving their satisfaction and increasing their loyalty level, which hopefully brings profitable growth to the company.

“Knowledge is Power”
At Netiks, we make sure that every single one of our team members follows on-going trainings to discover the latest industry trends and patterns and to apply them rapidly and effectively. We are a highly talented team of dedicated professionals providing our valued customers with great solutions and services. In addition to that our Microsoft Gold Partnership gives us access to leading edge technological resources.

Ethical standards
| Commitment and responsibility in the delivery of products and services
| Integrity and Openness in our relationships
| Respect of customer sensitive and private data