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E-Trading Platform

Global Markets Trading Station
A user friendly interface allowing day traders to place orders, perform technical analysis using sophisticated charts, and get a consolidated view of their accounts.

Online Trading
Our platform allows the trading of Equities, Futures, Forex and CFDs on multiple international & regional financial markets. The flexible back-office Order Management System allows managing the trade process. Traders can now take full control over the markets with all accounts, position and pricing information available in real-time from a single trading window.

Risk Monitoring System
The Risk Monitoring System developed by Netiks allows Financial Institution officers to monitor client positions and risk exposure in real-time (using customizable ratios such as the Equity/Margin ratio). The system uses a variety of data feeds to obtain the most up-to-date quotes for equities and currencies.
Futures, due to their volatility, are monitored in real-time; other equities and currencies data are updated via a user interface when needed.

Financial Portals
Netiks has deployed several financial portals including live quotes, charts, news, market summaries and secure online statements and portfolio valuations. The Beirut Stock Exchange portal is a good illustration of our know-how.