OmniChannel Banking: Delivering a Consistent Customer Experience

Deliver a consistent and continuous customer experience
with Netiks OmniChannel Solution

Empower Your Digital Transformation

Netiks OmniChannel - Empower Your Digital Transformation



"OmniChannel Banking" is about delivering a consistent and continuous Customer Experience across various digital banking transactions whether on ATMs, over the web or across the internet and mobile banking applications.



Customers who enjoy a delightful OmniChannel Customer Experience become loyal “fans” of their bank. They usually spread the word and contribute in building its good reputation. This becomes “viral” when customers actively refer family and friends.

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Empower Your Digital Transformation with Netiks OmniChannel Solution

In the age of digitalization, businesses worldwide are embracing a digital-first mindset, bringing about a significant shift in customer expectations. This transformation is especially evident in the banking sector, where traditional approaches are rapidly evolving. Today, banks no longer merely rely on a multichannel strategy; instead, they are harnessing the power of OmniChannel banking to meet the dynamic needs of their customers.

OmniChannel banking is a strategy that not only elevates the capabilities of banks but also enhances the overall customer experience.

Netiks Digital Banking Platform

The Evolution of Customer Experience in Banking

The digital revolution has left an indelible mark on various industries, and banking is no exception. Customer behaviors have evolved significantly, and their expectations have skyrocketed. With a digital-first approach, financial institutions are bridging the gap between online and offline banking, ushering in a new era of customer experience.

In today's world, nearly all retail transactions incorporate smartphone apps, making online sales and marketing pivotal for financial institutions. Whether customers visit a bank branch or engage through digital platforms such as mobile apps, websites, or social media, personalized customer care remains at the heart of every retail banking strategy. The OmniChannel approach recognizes that the customer is the focal point, delivering tailored messages through a seamless, unified experience across all channels.


Understanding OmniChannel Banking

To grasp the essence of OmniChannel banking, it's crucial to distinguish it from the traditional multichannel approach. While multichannel primarily focuses on transactions, OmniChannel prioritizes interactions. It revolves around empowering customers to access banking services seamlessly across all channels, be it through mobile apps, websites, call centers, or any available medium.

One key advantage of OmniChannel banking is its ability to synchronize essential data, enabling customers to transition between channels effortlessly without redundancy. Imagine starting a conversation on one channel and seamlessly continuing it on another without having to repeat information. This is the power of OmniChannel banking.

Furthermore, OmniChannel banking doesn't just enhance the customer experience; it also revolutionizes back-office operations. This platform can boost marketing effectiveness, streamline onboarding processes, elevate client retention rates, and much more.

Netiks Digital Banking Experience

Why Choose an OmniChannel Banking Solution?

In today's digital landscape, most customer interactions occur through online channels. Customers have an array of options when it comes to conducting daily banking tasks, from simple transactions to more complex decisions like taking out a loan or making investments. They often research and evaluate services online, making an informed choice crucial.

With an OmniChannel strategy, you can identify potential customers and assist them in making informed decisions. This invaluable data can empower your sales and marketing team to tailor their approach, providing personalized assistance and guidance. Moreover, research shows that customers who utilize multiple channels are more likely to engage with your products and services.

Additionally, OmniChannel solutions gather data about your existing customers, offering insights that enable your team to upsell through personalized communications.


The Advantages of OmniChannel Banking Strategy

As technology continues to evolve, customer expectations and demands for communication across multiple channels have reached their zenith. Here are some compelling reasons why OmniChannel banking is the way forward:

  1. Decrease Customer Acquisition Costs: In a rapidly changing technological landscape, providing top-tier customer service is paramount. With an increasing preference for digital channels, an OmniChannel approach is necessary to stay competitive. This approach involves not only a presence across all relevant channels but also seamless integration between them. Customers should be able to contact you through multiple touchpoints without the need to reiterate their issues, ensuring satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

  2. Enhance Customer Experience: In the banking industry, where sensitive financial matters are at stake, effective communication across multiple channels is essential. Omnichannel provides a smooth transition between various touchpoints, simplifying communication and ensuring customer satisfaction.

  3. Optimize Inbound and Outbound Sales: Whether you run an inbound call center for customer inquiries or an outbound call center for customer engagement, the OmniChannel strategy is indispensable. It boosts the number of contact touchpoints and enhances the quality of customer interactions. It also facilitates proactive collection of customer feedback through quick surveys.

  4. Reduce Call Response Time: Customers often switch between channels when seeking assistance, leading to repeated explanations of their issues. OmniChannel banking keeps a record of each customer interaction, significantly reducing call response times and enabling swift issue resolution.

  5. Simplify Agent Work: OmniChannel simplifies the work of bank agents. It assigns one customer to one agent, streamlining issue resolution. Automation handles repetitive tasks, freeing agents to engage in more meaningful interactions with customers.

  6. Measure Key Metrics: In today's business landscape, data analytics play a pivotal role. OmniChannel banking gathers critical insights from online banking and customer transactions, enabling banks to understand their customers better. This data informs service improvements and targeted marketing campaigns, driving overall efficiency.



  • One Time Password security
  • Secure Messaging with Bank Account Manager
  • Account Statements and cash flow
  • Internal and external transfers
  • Bill Payment
  • Sweeps
  • Credit Card management
  • Wedding Lists
  • Fast Track operations (checks issuing and deposits, cash withdrawals)
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Integrated with the Netiks 360Bank CRM platform
  • Targeted Marketing Banner Management
  • One Time Password security
  • Secure Messaging with Bank Account Manager
  • Account Statements
  • Cash flow Management
  • Internal and external transfers
  • Multi-Level Approvals based on corporate authority and internal regulations
  • Bill Payment
  • Bulk/Payroll payments
  • Sweeps
  • Credit Card management
  • Trade Finance
  • Fast Track operations (checks issuing and deposits, cash withdrawals)
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Integrated with the Netiks 360Bank CRM platform
  • Corporate User Authority Level Management
  • Portfolio Valuation
  • Trading Statements
  • Stock Exchange (Live) feeds
  • Online Trading
  • Dashboards and reports
Allows the bank's clients to pay their Value Added Tax (VAT), income tax and property tax through their online banking or through a Branch Portal.
Integration with the MoF gateway and a set of APIs that can be used in the Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking applications.
Includes an administration interface to manage the payments settings (entities accounts, bank fees…) and to track all payments.
Enables the bank's customers to pay their duties using this portal. We can use the same credentials used in the Internet Banking application. The portal can be seamlessly integrated with the online banking application look and feel, and single sign-on (SSO).
This module enables the tellers to pay on behalf of the customers.
  • Loyalty Points Statements
  • e-Catalog management
  • Online Reward redemption
  • Partner geo localization and push notifications of rewards on Mobile App

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