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About Netiks


Welcome to Netiks! A contraction of two strong and significant words (“Net” and “Ethics”) our company cherishes. They represent the mix between our innovative technology aimed at optimizing our clients’ performance and our philosophy of straightforward approach, aiming at helping our customers deliver a delightful Customer Experience.

At Netiks we develop and deploy scalable, result oriented and cost-effective technology products to help our customers improve their business performance. We strive to meet and hope to exceed our customer's expectations with measurable results. We have helped customers increase their sales conversion rate (by 20 %+), their customer service productivity (by 30 %+) and their customer satisfaction rate (by 25 %+).

Sensing the undeniable potential of the Lebanese market, Netiks’ founder was keen on establishing a professional firm, one that betted on its human capital and technological tools, to offer a wide range of e-business services and products.

The secure, business-oriented and robust solutions that Netiks offered to its clientele have won the corporate a big number of renowned clients, in the OmniChannel and CRM areas:

1. Netiks OmniChannel, today a "star product", is running in several banks in town and in the Middle East. It covers the Retail and Corporate Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Tablet Banking as well as wearables.

2. Netiks 360Bank, 360Insurance, 360RealEstate and 360Education are 4 CRM verticals developed by our team to serve the banks, insurance, real estate and education sectors who leverage digital technology to retain and attract customers.

We strive to deliver innovative OmniChannel and CRM solutions to returning customers in the Middle-East region by understanding the rapidly changing patterns of global business models in addition to the increasing demand for sophisticated technology solutions, constantly adapting to markets’ needs.
"To significantly improve the performance of our customers by excelling in building their advanced e-business applications."
A delightful Customer Experience worldwide through advanced e-business technology.
Quality: Robust products backed up by a professional support team.

Innovation: Delight our customers through innovation and professionalism.

Adaptability: Don’t blame the market or economy if times are hard.

Ownership: Ownership and commitment to solve problems as a team.

Improvement: Hard work and continuous self-improvement.

Empathy: Accept customers’ complaints as opportunities to embrace excellence.