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About Netiks


Welcome to Netiks! Our name is derived from "Net" and "Ethics," symbolizing our dedication to blending innovative technology with ethical business practices. At Netiks, we focus on delivering exceptional CRM solutions, leveraging AI-powered tools, and implementing advanced omnichannel banking software. Our goal is to drive business performance through scalable digital transformation tools that are both cost-effective and results-oriented.

We take pride in exceeding customer expectations with measurable outcomes. Our track record includes helping businesses achieve significant improvements: increasing sales conversion rates by over 20%, boosting customer service productivity by 30%, and elevating customer satisfaction by 25%. Experience the Netiks difference in personalized customer experiences and secure digital interactions.

Netiks was founded with a vision for the Lebanese market, focusing on human expertise and cutting-edge technology. Our firm specializes in OmniChannel and CRM solutions, including Netiks OmniChannel, a leading product in banks across the Middle East, covering Retail and Corporate Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Tablet Banking, and wearables.

We also offer Netiks 360Bank, 360Insurance, 360RealEstate, and 360Education CRM solutions tailored for banks, insurance, real estate, and education sectors. These solutions leverage digital technology to enhance customer retention and attraction.

At Netiks, we're dedicated to delivering innovative OmniChannel and CRM solutions that adapt to the evolving needs of businesses in the Middle East, ensuring secure, personalized, and efficient digital interactions.
"To significantly improve the performance of our customers by excelling in building their advanced e-business applications."
A delightful Customer Experience worldwide through advanced e-business technology.
Quality: Robust products backed up by a professional support team.

Innovation: Delight our customers through innovation and professionalism.

Adaptability: Don’t blame the market or economy if times are hard.

Ownership: Ownership and commitment to solve problems as a team.

Improvement: Hard work and continuous self-improvement.

Empathy: Accept customers’ complaints as opportunities to embrace excellence.