Netwave Suite | A revolutionary AI recommendation system

Netwave AI Suite

Netwave Suite brings to the world of online shopping a revolutionary recommendation system powered by patented AI technology. Unlike conventional machine learning systems, this innovation excels at real-time interactions by recognizing and delivering personalized recommendations for customers, making every shopping experience uniquely relevant.


The distinct advantages of Netwave's inductive AI Suite are as follows:

  • Efficient Processing: Netwave's servers process data with utmost efficiency, ensuring seamless recommendations.
  • Customer-Centric Business Intelligence: Netwave's AI incorporates context, customer behavior, and psychology to tailor suggestions to individual shopping journeys.
  • Real-Time Relevance: A real-time proximity function ensures that recommendations are instantly aligned with customer needs.
  • Adaptation to Trends: Netwave's dynamic updates allow the system to adapt in real-time to changing shopping trends.
  • Personalized Identification: The system excels at identifying rich and up-to-date shopping situations, delivering genuinely personalized recommendations.
  • Outstanding Performance: Netwave's AI analyzes and identifies over 85,000 shopping situations in real-time, significantly surpassing traditional machine learning systems.


Key Points

  • Netwave guarantees comprehensive coverage of visitor segments, ensuring that all shoppers receive tailored recommendations, and it scales effortlessly to handle up to 500,000 simultaneous connections.
  • Flexibility is a cornerstone of Netwave's offering, with versatile modes like unsupervised, supervised, and semi-supervised, along with features such as one-click return and A/B testing to enhance your shopping platform.
  • Netwave seamlessly connects and consolidates data from all your shopping channels, enabling real-time interactions and ensuring that a consistent and personalized experience is provided across platforms.
  • Data privacy and security are central to Netwave's approach, with data hosted in the EU, compliance with GDPR, and a firm commitment to safeguarding customer information. Netwave's cookie, exclusively yours, integrates CRM data seamlessly for an enhanced shopping experience.
  • Netwave empowers online retailers to craft an in-depth customer profile and engage with shoppers across digital touchpoints in real-time, elevating the online shopping experience to new heights.


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